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Ghost Recon Breakpoint (2019 – now)

A 3rd person shooter made by Ubisoft. I’m currently working on the game as a C++ gameplay programmer.


Life is Feudal (MMO, YO) (2018-2019)

A hardcore sandbox MMORPG set in a realistic Medieval world. Developed by BitBox Ltd.
I was working on the game as a C++ programmer.

Steam page of MMO version:
Steam page of YO version:

Armored Warfare Assault (2016-2018)

A mobile tank action game developed by Pushkin Game Studio. I was working on the game as a programmer (C++, Unreal Blueprints).

Google Play page:
AppStore page:

Catsorbed (2017)

A simple and cute 2D platformer with puzzle elements that was made for Ludum Dare 38 in three days by a team of 6 people.

LDJam link:
Web version:

Awake (2016)

A 2D puzzle game based on the Minesweeper mechanics. The game was made over three days by a team of four people.

Google Play page:

Gardenscapes (2014 — 2016)

A Match3 game developed by Playrix. I was working on this game as a programmer (C++, Lua, python) from Jul 2014 to Dec 2016.

Google Play page:
AppStore page:
Facebook’s 2016 Game of the Year (#1):

The We (2014)

Genre: real-time strategy. The player gets a new secret organization cell and should develop it into a full-fledged network.

The source code of the project:

Stealth Game (2013 — 2014)

A game prototype that features extensible AI of the bots. Written in C++. Uses HGE as a graphics library and Lua as the scripting language for AI.

The game has a dynamic two-dimensional light feature. The game includes a level editor.

The source code of the project:

Логотип Infinity World

Infinity World (2011 — 2013)

A computer game in the FPS RPG genre. I worked with this game as a programmer (Unreal Script, C++) and project manager for all the years of development.

The main feature of the game is procedurally generated buildings and stellar map.

Project website:
Vk page:
The source code of the project:

D1FF (2013)

2D puzzle game where the player has to break into the electronic lock by manipulating the values of bits in the memory of the device. The player can modify values of bits by applying the bitwise logical operations And, Or and Xor.

The game has two game modes: passage of the pre-packaged levels and hacking random lock. There are interactive tutorial levels.

You can use one of two display modes: Classic, where the player would manipulate numeric values, and modern where the player manipulates the colored blocks and the value of the bits is determined by the brightness of these blocks.

Includes a level editor.

The game is developed in C++ and has a limited version on Java.


NII-2012 (2011)

A computer game in the FPS genre. Developed by a team of 4 people for 4 months.

According to the plot, in 2012 Earth was occupied by aliens. The protagonist is a fighter of a special forces squad. His task is to find 3 artifacts, open a portal to the alien ship and get there.

I participated in the development as a 3D Artist. I have recreated the interiors of Norilsk Industrial Institute and some of the interior decorations.

Project page:


Liberals vs Radicals (2010)

My first finished game. Developed as part of “Games Pack for Delphi”. I also participated in the development of another two games from this package.

In the game, you have to run away from aggressive squares firing back to them and put mines. And to receive better scores you need to survive as long as possible.

The hero has a stock of several magazines, with 30 rounds of ammunition each, as well as a few mines. You can force-reload, and all ammo in abandoned clips will be lost.

If a square was not killed for a long time it starts to get more aggressive and moves faster. There are several levels of difficulty, from which depends on the speed of the enemies and damage caused by them. There are also a save-load system and ability to pause the game.

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